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A dairy cow who lives in constant fear of being eaten. Has black hooves and a huge nose. He is a horny cow because he likes to hit people with his horns. Somehow Moopie can produce milk.

Moopie can also transform into Cowman to save the world from beef eaters. His only weakness is being tipped over.
Moopie has been shaking in fear ever since he got trapped in a cooking pot last week.
by Mini Moopie May 21, 2009
A caucasian male, over 6' 0" is called this term when his girlfriend is over a foot shorter then him. Also, this man usually acts stubborn and tends to forget he does not 'wear the pants' in the relationship.

Can sometimes be called 'Moo' for short.
I love you Moo Pie!

Good morning Moo.
by whtthunda13 April 27, 2011
the art of masturbation whilst pooping.
I was running short on time, so I pulled a moopie.
by Nico Suave February 06, 2005
Falling over ones own feet.
After drinking too much, Joshua had a moopie in the parking lot.
by dr_dank September 22, 2003
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