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A person who is adored by another. See shmoop.
You are my shmoopie, my only shmoopie.
by modenadude April 12, 2006
proper noun: the pet name that Jerry Seinfeld gave to his girlfriend
"I love you, Shmoopie!"
by mizzlemamurrzle March 16, 2006
When people are super cute towards one another. Or just make you smile
When a person is being super shmoopie towards another.
by cc77 January 21, 2010
An executive that is completely full of crap
important people who thing there crap doesn't stink are all shmoopies
by BUCKEYEDUCK June 26, 2011
silly person...
by Netski August 15, 2003
Crazy, Under the influnce,
I was so shmoopie last night
by domedian June 21, 2006
a little wet poopie that is half diaria and half regular poopie...
Oh by the way when I borrowed your gym shorts yesterday I left a little shmoopie for you in them..... Or I know why it smells so bad in your room Jack left a little shmoopie in your pillow case...
by jim March 07, 2005
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