The Mud that lies on the bottom of a creek bed. Characteristics - slimy or chunky (one or the other, and never with rocks), like clay, but has the smell of shit or shite.

When spoken, used in replacement of any noun, verb or adjective.
Gary, Pat and Rory are going to play in some moop.

Gary is a Mooposourous

Pat is in deep moop

by Roderic O'Connor November 02, 2004
a self-loathing depressant that lives in the basement of an Asylum(
Wow, that guys a real moop.
by CRSR April 16, 2004
Massive Poop or to massivly poop
Did you see that moop in the toilet, it was bigger than my head

by Robert Atkinson March 20, 2006
to hang around or associate
lets go moop around the mall

yeah thats kevin's starting to moop around with lizz
by dispatch131xhd April 02, 2005
Someone of African decent. Someone that claims that they are caucasian, but has dark hair and dark skin; such as a Spaniard or a Sicilian.
If my daughter ever brought a moop home, I'd shoot him right in his face,

Moops can't swim very well.

The Moops began their conquest of Sicily in 827 AD

Those Moops did so much fucking; they permanently changed the bloodline of Sicily.
by Systolic November 27, 2006
Moop - When u attempt to drink a half gallon of milk and get sick. Then you run and go to the bathroom and "moop"
moop looks like runny white poop (liquid out of your anus)
MOOP = milk and poop
I bet Michalak that he couldn't drink a half gallon of milk and then he mooped all over the place and his grandparents heard it.
by Lucian P Smith May 04, 2005
In addition to the thorough definition provided by CK Washington I would like to divulge the origin of the word "moop." One day a girl went on a sympathy date with a guy from work who looked like an older and more roly-poly version of the kid from Jerry McGuire. I kid you not. The boy was from Danbury and therefore came across as a complete sketchball to the girl's friends (a very logical assumption.) Being great pals, the girl's friends called her during her date. Rather than hearing the usual ringtone through the cell phone that one expects when placing a call, the girls instead could hear the following faint interjection: "moop!" Obviously they interpreted this as a cry for help from their friend to save her from the visual and verbal rapage she was suffering through during which the boy undressed her with his eyes and serenaded her with very bad, off-key Clay Aiken songs. Henceforth, "moop" became a staple of the poons' ever expanding vocabulary. And although they don't appreciate moopage from outside sources they thoroughly enjoy mooping each other. Holler pUnit!
The 11th Lost Commandment: Thou shalt not moop any member of the pUnit. Unfortunately there are many grease monkeys, grundle munchers and stumble bums out there who do not abide by this sacred law. But don't worry... they are going to hell.
by Midnight Jane April 26, 2005
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