Term used as slang in some parts of Great Britain. "Moops" or a "Moop" originated from a comical act in many northern industrial towns. Later used to express group of comical or crazy people in jest.
"That guy's Mooping crazy" "Hey Moops how's the squirrel ?"
by Christian McMullen a.k.a "Moops" October 25, 2003
A small bovine that lacks lactating abilities. Usually can be found in the Southern plains of America and frequently blamed for unexplained phenomena.
Who left the toilet seat up? Ummm, Moops did it?
by babydababy October 18, 2008
man boobs
You should get a bro for those moops.
by moops moopleson December 26, 2009
Criminal or lowlife
Look at that moop with his public defender.
by Craig S. Andersen October 15, 2003
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