a word to fill the silence with the hopes of making the other person laugh.
I said moop and things were comfortable again.
by Jeanette October 23, 2003
To burp while keeping you mouth closed, then tapping your sister on the shoulder and blowing it in her face.
She wouldn't change the channel, so I burped up some pizza and mooped her.
by W.E. Coyote August 20, 2003
being extremely random and sexual almost homosexual during hyperactivity, with the exception of grabing ones breasts or penis
(or out of control)
"I was so moop today i walked up to a stranger and yanked on his crotch"

"that was my dad"
by ehna September 09, 2008
An unreliable person. Someone who shows up late, doesn't pay rent or repay loans, can't hold down a job for very long, etc. Your typical moop has tattoos, piercings, court-ordered child support, a substance abuse problem and a petty criminal record. One step up from a rubadub.
I thought tending bar would be a fun job, but I couldn't stand listening to the moops tell their stupid fishing stories all day!
by paperbackwriter July 10, 2008
The primary venue for communication for nerds or people with Asperger's Syndrome
When we greet each other, we say "moop" instead of hello.
by monkeypox September 16, 2007
A completely random word used in the right situation.

Calls someone "Moopy". They are Moop-like.
The use of Mooping, Being able to Moop someone/thing.

Moop slips out your rear end; Fart.
Eg. Man you're a Moop!
Would you like some Moop?
I'm feeling a little bit Moopy....
Oops, i let a Moop slip out >.<
How many Moops you know roll like this?
by SoulDynasty / Richie September 21, 2006
Noun, A person who is depressed. Emotional in a negative way all the time.

Gina- Hi matt...
Matt- Hiyas
Gina- Ughhh -_-
Matt- Your such a moop!
Gina- /cry
by ~Ineverknowsbest@hotmail December 18, 2007
A derogatory slang term for people of the Mormon faith. The act of being a Mormon is refered to as mooping it up.
Mitt Romney is always mooping it up!
by stumpott August 15, 2007
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