from "Seinfeld", the "Moops" were the nation that conquered Spain & gave it the twinge of Islamic architecture seen to this day, according to the card George was reading from when playing Trivial Pursuit against the "Bubble Boy". Bubble Boy insisted, quite rightly, of course, that the answer was "Moors", but George being the prick that he was, wouldn't give him credit for the answer. The townspeople later drove out the fiendish George & Jerry for their mistreatment of the Bubble Boy.
Bubble Boy: It was the Moors! The MOORS!

George: No, I'm sorry, it was the Moops. The card clearly says, "Moops".
by FunkyBumpkin May 02, 2005
the act of giving oral sex

its somthing you can say in front of your parents and they will never figure it out
while talking in front of his mother jason asks shana "will you moop me"?
by holli April 27, 2004
a pretty round creature that suns itself on rocks and chases cahoots...
When we walked down the seashore, we swore we could see a moop lying on the jetty.
by earl January 12, 2004
Someone of African decent. Someone that claims that they are caucasian, but has dark hair and dark skin; such as a Spaniard or a Sicilian.
If my daughter ever brought a moop home, I'd shoot him right in his face,

Moops can't swim very well.

The Moops began their conquest of Sicily in 827 AD

Those Moops did so much fucking; they permanently changed the bloodline of Sicily.
by Systolic November 27, 2006
To combine moping and pooping. The volume of pooping increases with the amount of moping.
That guy can only moop around, and it's destroying the carpet.
by roboninja hunter July 31, 2006
Someone who is known to be slow or frumpy
You moop, lets go!
Stop being moopy.
by Skootr September 06, 2005
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