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Multitude of meanings.

Moofle, Moofles, Moofl'd
The word origins from Diablo's (MMORPG) secret Cow lvl.
Some might claim it came from Guild Wars (MMORPG) and a guild called LC - they would be wrong.

These days commonly used as a multitude of words with a multitude of meanings. A person entering a chat can use it as "hey" or "whats up".

Whilst someone saying it randomly in chat means nothing new (the usual grind).
ex: Moofles (whats happening)

Byte me: Looking for exp. ranger.
Replysus: Moofle (who cares)
by IAL May 06, 2009
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A word to be used when you are politely annoyed and can't think of the right word to say, thus confusing other people and giving you time to think.
Berty: Ah, but you can't give Mr. Richards your coursework if you have a detention with our head. If you want I can give it to him?

Ted: No! I need to get my mobile back from him before the end of term! This is the only chance!

Berty: But if you miss this detention you will be kept in for another day to fulfill it.

Ted: ....Moofle!

Berty: ...What the fuck?
by kikumbob September 17, 2005
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