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3 definitions by IAL

Outskilled in a manner that even the person being the target is amazed by the skills required to make it happen.
ex: "OMG, he got so ownedazzled, i simply cant believe it..."
by IAL May 07, 2009
Multitude of meanings.

Moofle, Moofles, Moofl'd
The word origins from Diablo's (MMORPG) secret Cow lvl.
Some might claim it came from Guild Wars (MMORPG) and a guild called LC - they would be wrong.

These days commonly used as a multitude of words with a multitude of meanings. A person entering a chat can use it as "hey" or "whats up".

Whilst someone saying it randomly in chat means nothing new (the usual grind).
ex: Moofles (whats happening)

Byte me: Looking for exp. ranger.
Replysus: Moofle (who cares)
by IAL May 06, 2009

Refers to online gaming.
To own someone in a way so that it could have been done by a newb.

Derived from Halo PC and a player called "Owen" who missused, on purpose or not, "owned" as "owend".
"LOL, you got owen'd"!

A. "Did u see that guy who got veichle killed?"
B. "rofl, owend"
by IAL May 06, 2009