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The thoughts and hopes that go through ones mind before an engagement/party/happening etc. that consist of imagining what it might be like.
The equation to find satisfaction is found by taking enjoyment and subtracting expectation from it. This is to say that one should never expect too much from something.
Ben expected the party to go perfectly as planned. However, the band did not turn up, the drinks table was knocked over, three men were taking to hospital for the consumption of too much whisky an his car broke down on the way back. Although Ben had had a great time there, he found that he was not satisfied with the outcome because he had had very high expectations.
by kikumbob September 06, 2005
1. A sound to be made when there is nothing else to be said.
2. A sound made when the speaker does not care at all and just wishes the other person woulod get the hell off that specific topic.
3. A verbal shrug.
4. The most useless and pointlessly futile word that gets people nowhere, does nothing, explains not much whatsover and, to top it all off, is effortlessly annoying for the rest of the participants in the conversation.
"You do know that water isnt very clean?"
by kikumbob December 15, 2005
A word to be used when you are politely annoyed and can't think of the right word to say, thus confusing other people and giving you time to think.
Berty: Ah, but you can't give Mr. Richards your coursework if you have a detention with our head. If you want I can give it to him?

Ted: No! I need to get my mobile back from him before the end of term! This is the only chance!

Berty: But if you miss this detention you will be kept in for another day to fulfill it.

Ted: ....Moofle!

Berty: ...What the fuck?
by kikumbob September 17, 2005
The tendancy to create remarks that would invariable stop the act of sex in its tracks.

The person committing the butleration is (the) butler. After the butleration, the target victim(s) become(s) butled. This is not to be confused with the profession of servitude.

A butleration does not nessecarily occur during sex, but can occur at any time of the day and can be aimed at anyone unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of the butler. However, the butleration's ability to end sex, even just before an orgasm, is used to gauge wether the remark is in fact a butleration. The act of butleration can sometimes result in a kiggins from both sexes.

The trait to be able to commit a butleration is genetic and is usually passed down by the male population, with few cases in women. However, anyone possesing the dominant variant of this gene will almost certaintly be unable to reach orgasm with a partner unless their mouth is taped up during sex. This means that only carriers of the gene are able to pass the gene on.

When butlerations do happen during sex, most are forgiven with a giggle. Some, however, can cause serious repurcussions in relationships.
An example of a butleration:
"I've never really noticed that my laptop charger on my desk over there looks a bit like one of those ghost traps from ghost-busters from here."
*Cease spring-squeeking*
by kikumbob December 26, 2007
1. To be on the very verge of an agonisingly extraordinary orgasm but entirely unable to ever reach it. The phenomenon tends to make grown men cry.

2. The faint sort of orgasm select people get from eating ice cream.

3. The direct result of a Butleration
1. "Nowadays, poor old me can only seem to get the kiggins." *sniff*

2. "I sometimes like to have a little kiggins before bedtime."
by kikumbob December 26, 2007
The result of an extreme mutilation of the well used phrase "That is okay". The change occurs when the person types this pharse too much, generally after a thank you, and soon types it in short hand and even short short hand. The phrase has been changed as follows:
"That is okay"
"Thats ok"
"Dats ok"
"Dass ok"
Steven: Wow thankyou
Rodrick: dassok
by kikumbob October 26, 2005
A person skilled in the art of juggling several objects held in the hands, blanced on the arms and against the chest etc. To make the load more bearable or to put something down, the load juggler will shift different objects around his body. Such a practise is called load juggling. Skilled load jugglers can often slip things into their pockets, overturn the whole load and even throw a few objects in the air whilst shifting the rest around in the hands before catching them.
"Wow, check out that load juggler across the street. Those objects seem alive in his hands!"
by kikumbob September 16, 2005

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