Master Of the Obvious.
MOO: Dude there's a cop behind you! Better pull over, whoa man his lights are all on, aren't they? Omg OMG your so in for it!!!!
Driver: *punches in face*

MOO: WOW this line sure is long isn't it? Looks like a long wait, I'm so glad I was here early, see I got all the deals, see you around huh, pal?
Christmas Chris: Yeah but I'll see your mom first tonight
by aceguitar07 June 27, 2013
what a cow says when it is happy, sad, pissed off, eating, doing anything that a cow can do.
Cow1: Moo.
by hasitsentityet? January 17, 2010
1.The noise a cow makes

2. The feeling a reader gets from a story.
1. Moo says the cow.

2. The moo i got from the story was cool.
by Wangchow December 21, 2009
the sound a cow makes
the cow will moo if you annoy it.
by xxThinkOfYou July 23, 2009
Moo is what a cow says, you retard.
by Lausky12388 April 26, 2009
A less vulgar way of calling a woman a "cow". Johnny Speight, the creator of the classic British sitcom Til Death Us Do Part made this one of the catchphrases of the cantankerous bigot Alf Garnett (the inspiration for Archie Bunker) who constantly called his wife of many years Else a "silly moo". In the era of Mary Whitehouse this allowed Alf to be verbally abusive to her without actually swearing (although he often used the swearword "bloody").
You silly moo!
by ManofG March 05, 2009
A question for anything possible. Can be answered with any random thought, or statement. In fact, moo? itself can be a statement.
When you don't hear somebody, or need clarification simply ask moo?.

When bored just whip out a moo?, for any fun number of answers.

When in doubt just say moo?.
by Joa July 13, 2006

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