What cows say
Cow: Moo
by Cheungman November 09, 2008
the sound of love-making
Man: Oh, yeah, baby.
Woman: MOO!
by oneeyedpurplepeopleeater December 10, 2011
What the cow says
Cow 1: Mooo

Cow 2: Moo moo
by testing23490 October 19, 2011
moo:a cow says moo
me: MOO!!!
you:wait, what?!
by ThePeanutbro1 November 13, 2011
The upside down version of woo!. Coined in the VA area to mean not woo! or celebratory. Another word for lame.
I just failed my exam. moo.
by BD$ Click January 06, 2012
To have intense sexual intercourse or to stimulate one's partner to the point of orgasm and beyond. To fuck mercilessly. Also to masturbate multiple times over the course of several hours.
1. I'm gonna moo you so hard when we get home.
2. You moo me soooo good.
3. Moo me harder! I'm almost there!
4. I mooed 6 times today. I'm sore but we can still moo if you want to ;)
by Nickymoo February 21, 2014
Black slang for I'm gonna kick your ass!
After being cheap shot in football, the player turns and says, "I'm gonna MOO you!"
by Verga! December 30, 2011

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