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The name given by a hot lady to a kitteh that looks like a cow

it is not the name of a guitar
"this is mah kitteh"

"it looks like a cow!! ima call it Moo!!!"
by themostamazingbrian August 28, 2008
5 17
To describe a loved one in which you are having an intimate relationship with.

The word moo is used to describe how beautiful, gorgeous, sweet,amazing, loving, caring, generous,lovely,funny,sweet ect a person is.

If you cant think off the top of your head or can't be arsed to think of a good word to say just call them a moo and they can interprete what you mean. everybodys happy!

Also moo can be developed into moomin and mooie.
"I love you moo"

"You are such a cute mooie"

"you ok moomin?"

by "^-^" March 27, 2007
18 30
(adjative,verb,noun) The F word. Fuck, to fuck, is fucked, a fucker.
person#1: yo wats up
person#2: your mom
person#1: moo you
person#2: no,moo ur mom
person#1: you mothermooer, dont go there.
person#2: so wat if i go there
person#1: ima mooing kill you
person#2: go moo urself u know u like it.
person#1: moo this im leaving, to think i was trying to start a decent conversartion with you
person#2: ohh....im sorry?
person#1: too late man, im leaving. too little too late. im mooing out.
by emblem2000 February 13, 2009
5 18
is a great insult to fool your opponets
means yeah betch suck it
A:billy your mom is a whore
B:well...um...your dad is my bitch yeah uh huh he owes me 298$
by Loe October 28, 2007
2 18
MOO: In reality should be spelled M.O.O. which stands for MASTER OF the OBVIOUS

People who have an incessant urge to speak needlessly by pointing out things that any idiot knows already.
You are in an IMAX theater watching a Movie called "All about Beavers- the best Dam movie ever made"
The first shaot is a a beaver dam, and then they pull in closer and lo there is a beaver...And now some fool behind you says "LOOK IT'S A BEAVER!" and you say inder your breath "no shit Sherlock! another Moo!"
by Richard K December 30, 2005
4 39
something that you say at random times cos you cant think of anything else to say
what are you doing

by hierachy March 15, 2004
45 86
Word the interrupting cow makes whilst interrupting...
John: Honey we need to talk..
Jane (Cow): moo.
John: But honey, I --
Jane: moo.
John: Jane, you're not listening to m--
Jane: moo.
John: Jane, sweety, please lis--
Jane: moo.

by Lone Latino November 06, 2004
105 150