"Moo" means "I love you" in cow-speak.
-"Aww, me too!"
by LizzieMuffin June 23, 2011
1: The sound a cow makes, usually not actually "moo" but that is how the english language phoneticizes it. 2: a way to leave a conversation you dont like. 3:i love you, because even though your my friend no one has ever made me feel the way you do and when i talk to you i feel really good inside. and even though you might not know it ive thought about you alot more than you know today.
awwwehh moo back <3
by old mcdonald's farmboy February 23, 2011
Mothers Opposed to the Occult.
I can't believe that MOO is removing all of the library books!
by DarkWillow101 June 06, 2010
A person of both mexican and jewish origins.
Moo, a mexican jew
by G3po May 03, 2009
to disapprove of
Dad: "Go clean your room."
Daughter: "Moo."
by jennitadkys June 04, 2014
Master Of the Obvious.
MOO: Dude there's a cop behind you! Better pull over, whoa man his lights are all on, aren't they? Omg OMG your so in for it!!!!
Driver: *punches in face*

MOO: WOW this line sure is long isn't it? Looks like a long wait, I'm so glad I was here early, see I got all the deals, see you around huh, pal?
Christmas Chris: Yeah but I'll see your mom first tonight
by aceguitar07 June 27, 2013
another word for your vagina
put your moo away
by mmmmmmmmmmhmmmmmmmm August 11, 2010

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