Idiot, dork; stupid woman (Australian Slang)
You're such a moo
by aussie March 02, 2003
Moo /mu/ vi. (Cowian) infinitive form of the verb “to moo”.

Note on pronunciation: Cowian is a tonal language containing over 35,000 known words, the vast majority of which are pronounced (approximately) “moo” mu.
Móo mòo môo möo. My mother (is) eating (the) flowers.

Moo möó moó möô. Good morning farmer Jones.

Möo môo moo. (Those) flowers are delicious.
by A. Cudmuncher August 07, 2010
Pick-up line used by a chubby chaser. When phrased as a question, it loosely translates into "I want to sex you, you big fat fatty, and nothing more. Are you interested?" Is particularily effective after excessive drinking, but is equally likely to end with a drink being tossed in the face followed by a slap. Also popular among frat boys, with the latter outcome most likely to occur.
Hollywood: "Moo?"
Fatty: "The fuck did you say, asshole?"
Hollywood, laughing: "Moo?"
Fatty: "Alright daddy, but keep it on the brown low."
by Pale Rider August 06, 2007
A legendary creature that goes rawr in the night.
Dude, did you hear that moos in the middle of the night. It ate my dog!!!111one1one!1
by ghost kawaii March 10, 2008
Generally the noise a cow makes!
"Moooo!" - Said the cow.
by Bartholemew The Second July 16, 2008
1. A noise that a Bos primigenius (aka a cow) makes. Usually cows moo in a deep low tone, but the type of moo varies.

2. A synonym that retarded kids use to say, "what?"
Alycia: Did you hear about the flying fish that got eaten by a squirell?
Norman: Moo??!
by Fryen Pan November 25, 2009
A phrase meaning any of the following:
1. Who?
2. What?
3. Where?
4. When?
5. Why?
6. How?
1. Moo?
2. Moo?
3. Moo?
4. Moo?
5. Moo?
6. Moo?
by DragonlordALS May 19, 2004

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