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I)A highly detailed roguelike game with an almost infinite replayability factor, usually played by intelligent people(because morons would turn it down because of it's bad grafiks).

I)The best game ever made.
I've finally reached level 12 on Nethack! Sp00n4g3! 0wn4g3!
by HolsteinCow May 04, 2003
Useless and crappy political propaganda using The Matrix as a ladder to minor recognization.
Hey, Jack! Did you see The Meatrix?
Yeah! It sucked! Those animals aren't sentient; why do they deserve the right to live?
by HolsteinCow February 22, 2004
I)A battle cry of the almighty cows, signaling yet another erased segment in space and time.
Cows usually say "moo".
by HolsteinCow May 04, 2003

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