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someone who is a mong, someone who is too lazy to do anything or is being bent.
archie get up you fucking mong.
by osgoir April 28, 2007
5 15
A peice of cloth to cover Male genitals yet revealing the buttocks. Developed by Upitang Sabazo inc. Provides comfort and Security and Freedom. One Of Europe's fastest growing fashion trends. Comes in Assorted colours, materials and shapes. One size fits all. XS.

Also Known as a Man Thong
Junior! that is one sexy mong you have on!
by Jethro81 November 17, 2006
14 24
Mong means either:
1. idiotic person
2. putrid smell
3. to laze around in a lazy manner
4. when somethings rather bad...
1. 'You're such a Mong!'
2. 'your perfume Mongs woman!'
3. 'Shall we go Mong somwhere?'
4. 'By jove mother, yopur cooking MONGS!'
by KingJen July 28, 2004
11 21
A Male Thong
I wore a Mong and walked around town in nothing but
by SpriIce June 20, 2004
15 25
someone who does something retarded
u are such a mong or monga
by Haura Lez Haura Daughter December 07, 2003
19 29
A fast-spreading term meaning to relax; procrastinate; sit and timelessly observe your inner feelings, often after taking cannabis.
I'm really stoned, lets mong for a while.
by JimmyD August 30, 2003
18 28
Peace loving peopl. Freedom lover. Kind and caring. Just and fair. Mong people can be found in China, Thailand, Laos, Myamar, Vietnam, Canada, USA, France, French Guyana,Australia, Germany nad Argentina. Their current popualtion is estimate to be about 8 million world wide.
by Anonymous August 08, 2003
17 27