Peace loving peopl. Freedom lover. Kind and caring. Just and fair. Mong people can be found in China, Thailand, Laos, Myamar, Vietnam, Canada, USA, France, French Guyana,Australia, Germany nad Argentina. Their current popualtion is estimate to be about 8 million world wide.
by Anonymous August 08, 2003
Similar to the revealing undergarment women wear called thongs, a Mong is a Man-Thong.
Hey Bro, remember that one time when we went to the beach with your Mom and got drunk in our Mongs and I made out with your Grandma?
by Michaelo Casselo February 03, 2014
thong for men, man panties, da-na da-na's *superman style underwear*, etc...
"hey man your dog is chewin up your ol lady's panties"
"fuck those ain't hers those are mine!!"
"what... you rock a mong are you serious!?!?"
by d i z k o 2 0 8 September 02, 2011
Adam Smale
your motor bike is shit you mong!
by cashbusters August 19, 2011
Mong could be a word used to substitue other words. It could act as a pronoun, noun, adjective, verb, gerund, anything! Mong could be the most flexible word there is.
"I just monged another Soduko!!!"
"Why are you being such a mong??"'
"Hey, hows it monging?"
"Dude, that is so mong!"
"Mong loose!"
"Wow, he just threw up! He's such a monger."
by idee93 August 16, 2011
Some jack ass who likes to wear plaid reversible shorts, and wears a thong. Man + thong= Mong Synonym: Jeff
Dude, where did you get your Mong?
Jeff, you look so sexy in your Mong!
by Naughty nellie July 13, 2011
suck my dick
Male 1: Get me a slice of pizza!
Male2: Hell no.
Male 1: MONG.
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