A person at the Elvian School Reading called Fearghal
Oh yeh that Feargha kid, what a mong!
by Macaroon 555 April 29, 2010
Someone that is not right in the head, Very dopey or even someone that has been on drugs that have fucked up there mind.
Example of a mong:
ME: You know I saw your dog fucking your mother today.
MONG: OMFGz0r where I will kill that fucker
ME: Wow your a mong!
MONG: What?
ME: Exactly
by fazza11 March 30, 2010
A man thong. Like the mankini, but worn underneath normal clothing. Usually very uncomfortable.
Girl 1: Did that guy have a wedgie or what?!
Girl 2: I think he was wearing a mong
Girl 1: *Shudders*
by shish-kebab June 30, 2009
The sexiest two people you could ever imagine to walk the earth aka mongyiswhatweaimfor and shouldvemongedalready:

People cannot resist their majestic prowess and often bow down to the ground and kiss their feet just to touch a single strand of their incredible aura.
I mong you.

I'm goina mong you right now!
by Yessums June 23, 2009
male by gender, looks,acts female
fuckin stupid mong you made me look
by 98253104 February 15, 2009
Used when you have nothing to do or just want to have a lasy day somewere
Dude a think am just gonna have a mong day
by VAMOS08 February 04, 2009
The sleepy manked out feeling after smoking weed.
I so monged out last night.

There's not much mong on this one.
by fomenting_glitter November 17, 2008

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