a male thong
The dude looked gay in that mong.
by bobafett421 June 21, 2011
Stupid person who thinks that mong is a good word to use to describe an idiot when we already have the word idiot that has served us well for centuries.
I called him a mong, that makes me a mong myself....
by yahweh1234567890 June 07, 2011
A New Jerseyean term used as an insult, sending the message to the recipient to pleasure the sender orally.

The "!" after the m is a sound made by pressing ones lips together and abruptly opening the mouth, making a popping noise.

The term is an onomatopoeia, used to imitate the sound of abrupt cessation of oral sex.
by guywhoknowsthings May 26, 2011
The feminist movement of 2011. The word mong is fairly hard to define because it can only be truly understood and appreciated by feminists. The word mong refers to silly boys who are obsessed with the bro-code.
Ben: "I love cock"
Sean: "richhhh"
Mia: "your such a mong sean"
by feminist 4 lyf ** May 05, 2011
"Mong is the stuff that comes out when you push down on a pregnant woman's stomach."

- Southpark: Season 3, Episode 17, "World Wide Recorder Concert"

- A New York boy defines this word for our favorite four youngsters from Southpark, Colorado. Cartman came up with the word "mong" to call out the kids from New York, b/c they believed it was NOT a word.
My mom is so pregnant that when I sat on her tummy, mong came out of her like Niagara Falls.
by Misamore December 27, 2010
A thong for a man. Man + Thong = Mong. It is normally worn by gays.
Person1: I bought a mong.
Person2: oh, then your gay.
by straightestguyyouknow July 07, 2010
An abbreviation for Mentally Wrong!!!
Beranoice. Your such a MONG
by hbhbvghvcuevbjlhqc June 24, 2010

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