an extremely disgusting activity in which you rape someone to death, then fill their body up with your semen by continuously raping them, even though they are dead. Then, you jump on their stomach to make the semen squirt out of their pussy.
Bitch, if you don't stop whining, Im going to mong you.
by anonymous April 02, 2005
Mong means either:
1. idiotic person
2. putrid smell
3. to laze around in a lazy manner
4. when somethings rather bad...
1. 'You're such a Mong!'
2. 'your perfume Mongs woman!'
3. 'Shall we go Mong somwhere?'
4. 'By jove mother, yopur cooking MONGS!'
by KingJen July 28, 2004
A Male Thong
I wore a Mong and walked around town in nothing but
by SpriIce June 20, 2004
1. An idiot;
2. An Asshole;
3. A penis rack.
I just bought myselg a new Mong the other day!
by AB August 28, 2003
'Mong' or 'Mong Out;'
Being lean to a state where sleep is imminent. Eyes are closin fast.

'Put a film on so I can Mong out.'
'I'm monging.'

also, conk out, wrong out and zonk out
by devine_dj August 18, 2003
a human that lacks in social class, respect,friends and a decent personality. a total moron.
you fucking mong. go drink ur own sludgy poo
by little miss dotty March 20, 2003
suck my dick
Male 1: Get me a slice of pizza!
Male2: Hell no.
Male 1: MONG.

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