Used when you have nothing to do or just want to have a lasy day somewere
Dude a think am just gonna have a mong day
#mong #lasy #relax #chill #mingle
by VAMOS08 February 04, 2009
A thong that a man can wear, comes in a variety of colors and shapes, all equally humiliating and mentally scarring.
dude, that frank-n-furter totally had his mong up his ass, what a jerk!
#mong #man #thong #disturbing #beach
by roseroserose January 05, 2008
To sit down and relax, allowing the effects of whatever you have just taken (alcohol, weed, etc) to sink in and take over you.
(smoking a joint) A- Woah, doesn't everything
(doing the same) B- Don't mong yet you freak; fight the mong!

1- Oi, you alrite?
2-Allow him, he's mong-ing
1-Don't let him mong, my parents are coming home!
#lean #choong #high #boom #dat #pissed #licked #fucked
by Datman December 28, 2007
!MONG! is something that you yell uncontrollably after being infected with the very contagious Yuri disease in The Specialists RP.
Random: OMFG I just got infected with yuri!
Random 2: Stay the fuck away from me
Random: !MONG!
Random 2: AHH FUCK YOU!
Random: !MONG! !MONG!
(The body of Random has been recovered near the mall)
#mong #yuri #tsrp #disease #games
by Senzuri Brooks November 02, 2007
Short for Mongoose. Affectionate term for idiot.
"I said, meet me at 8:30 you mong"

"Don't be a mong, come out drinking with us!"
#idiot #silly billy #stupid #twit #twallop
by Bekkii September 26, 2006
To do a mong, verb, intransitive.
The use of this is popular to describe the actions of geeky wannabe IT technicians and their lackeys, and has nothing to do with people with Down's Syndrome.
The noun is also used to describe someone who mongs frequently and is thus a mong.
I monged like Timmy. I am a mong therefore.
#idiot #nerd #geek #bill gates #mongoloid #mongy shit
by Ficktwat September 22, 2006
one from random asian descent, or pacific island.
appears to be metro, listens to dipset.
mike buckley is a mong, no homo
#dipset #no homo #black people #rims #shred
by bad nigga June 18, 2006
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