an insult to somebody who is acting stupid or annoying
your pissing me off mong!
by hol October 29, 2004
Descriptive noun. Short form of mongoloid.
Someone suffering mental handicap. Particularly Joey Deacon.
Precursor to meng, ming, minger q.v.
Passive racist term.
You mong.
by Richie December 11, 2003
someone who does something retarded
u are such a mong or monga
by Haura Lez Haura Daughter December 07, 2003
Someone physically unattractive; ugly
Girl One: Look at that ugly guy over there!
Girl Two: Ew, what a mong!
by catchtheotter September 23, 2010
a mong is short for a mongol not the people native to mongolia but the people who are native to the dustbin these people are annoyingly stupid
tony"my brother matt is such a mong"
tony"he put lettuce in his ear"

sam"my book is mongified i dropped acid on it in science"
tony" omg there is only half of it!"
by wonder woman February 09, 2004
Peace loving peopl. Freedom lover. Kind and caring. Just and fair. Mong people can be found in China, Thailand, Laos, Myamar, Vietnam, Canada, USA, France, French Guyana,Australia, Germany nad Argentina. Their current popualtion is estimate to be about 8 million world wide.
by Anonymous August 08, 2003
See mongoloid. Can also be applied to the state people get into after heavy amounts of intoxicating substances.
You are a stupid fucking mong.
I am completely fucked, I'm such a mong.
by Bob February 05, 2003

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