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the best site in the known internet. live MOID every day.
duuuude, bigsundae.wmv on MOID is the hottest shit in the world!
by snuffles (yeah) November 20, 2006
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Minimum Orbital Intersection Distance
The minimum distance between the osculating orbits of two objects. It indicates the closest possible approach of the two objects except where excluded by protective resonance.

Also the main body of the url for one awesome site.
..the moid of the planet and that meteor is 3au.
by redjack August 31, 2007
The void between midnight and when you go to sleep, thus eliminating the confusion between last night and today.
We partied so late into the moid, that it was daylight when we left the club.
by XxcaseyxX June 14, 2008
Men Of Indian Descent
Dude, this party is so desi, MOID's everywhere

You want to go get some beers with MOIDs?
by allthenamesareinuse August 14, 2010
Mentally inadequate person. A simpleton.
Person 1: How do you hold a baby?
Person 2: Not by its neck, you moid!
by M McGraw February 22, 2003
a wart on ones penis
my moid popped today it looks like a noodle shasta
by jiggame March 09, 2005

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