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meow spelled backwards and upsidedown.
Carly Moew artist and musician.
Uncommon greeting.
Meow, Carly Moew, Hello, hey.
by gia rin December 19, 2003
A word used between best budds, esp between fellow cat lovers who dont love cats at all .
Guy 1: Heyy, whats up 'pawbump'
Guy 2: Moew 'pawbump'
by TheOneWhoLovedCatsOnce November 16, 2011
Its what a cat really says retards, cats do not say meow, they say moew
The cat just moew'ed
by Funk pwns j00 February 09, 2005
Moew is a misspelling of more
Silvio: moew
SmarterChild: More what?
Silvio: moew
SmarterChild: I'm sorry, more what?
Silvio: moew
SmarterChild: More, more, more. Haven't you had enough?
by Deputy Ryans February 20, 2004

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