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End to teen pregnacy.
(Mary) wanna have sex?

(Mark) no way I'm playing Modern Warfare 2
by Rejecteddddddddd February 03, 2010
America's new form of military draft. Makes young american males want to join the ground forces because they play too much MW2.
Dumb kid: Yeah im gonna join the army when i grow up cuz i like guns and shooting people in the face on Modern Warfare 2. this one time i got a 10 killstreak and only 30 deaths and i like to use stopping power to make my bullets stronger and i'll always know where the enemies are because i'll have a UAV radar in the top left corner of my screen and if i get shot it'll only hurt for 5 seconds and then i'll recover and i like to rush around corners and this one time i got 2 helicopters and i killed this noob with a grenade and then i spawned behind their hole team and knifed them lololololol and then oh yeah im almost level 70 and then.....
by Keegor Sweet December 12, 2009
The follow-up to the 2007 epic game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Again, this game will cause you to scream your mind out at noobs who go 1 and 22 in team deathmatch, or your friends who appear to believe they can beat you.

Either way, hilarity will ensue, but with better graphics and better weapons.
Modern Warfare 2 will completely decimate the other Call of Duty games.
by wambulance May 26, 2009
The game that all the girlfriends of the world will soon come to hate.
Girlfriend: "Hey, wanna come to my place tonight and fool around?"

Boyfriend: "Nope, got some modern warfare 2 to catch up on."
by mw2freak October 14, 2009
The sequel to Infinity Ward's 2007 masterpiece, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Set to release on November 10th, 2009, this game will blow your mind, and that's a fact. Don't ask me for my time machine, because I don't need one to know that that's true.
guy #1: Dude did you hear about Modern Warfare 2?

guy #2: No dude, what's that.

guy #1: (bitch slaps guy #2) That question doesn't even deserve a response.
by kikomiko March 25, 2009
The one game that will cause you to go through a controller every week due to the frustration that is in-sued when you constantly spawn and die before you can move 2 foot in every online game that you play.
-M16fag: I just got spawn killed again, I fucking hate Modern Warfare 2!!!
<Throws controller at the wall>
by Quade999 December 31, 2009
Synonymous with disappointing. Although the campaign was pretty good, and Special Ops is fun, the multiplayer is completely broken. And let's face it, multiplayer is what matters most in today's video games. You generally have three types of players in MW2:

The camper: Pretty self-explanatory. This guy is the one in a room laying down aiming at the doorway waiting for you to walk by so he can get an easy kill. He does this because he isn't skilled enough to actually go out and look for people. Generally uses instant kill weapons like shotguns or assault rifles.

The 5-year-old: The main reason why most people spend more time muting their teammates than shooting at the other team. These kids are constantly yelling, whether it be at his teammates, or at his mom to bring him a sandwich.

The Commando: These guys make you want to rip your hair out and throw the controller into your TV. They are the guys that have the Commando perk and the Lightweight perk on and just run around the map at 30 mph knifing everyone. What makes this worse is that they are immune to bullets. If you try to shoot them down with your gun, they will just absorb all of them and knife you.

Overall, these three types of MW2 gamers all fall into one big category: noob.
Example of a typical Modern Warfare 2 Team Deathmatch:

As soon as the match starts, Player 1 immediately mutes half of his teammates because they are all yelling and arguing with each other when suddenly he gets sniped in the face. He respawns and takes no more than two steps before being knifed by a Commando. Respawning again, he decides to try to snipe the Commando. He goes into a building but gets killed by a Camper with dual-Rangers. Now, he is going to try to kill the camper, but comes across the Commando, who knifes him again.

Player 1 rage quits.
by zuawg July 07, 2010
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