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A demonic mind-controlling device that drives small children to the edge of insanity, makes 20 year olds lose their job or get expelled, and is all around hated by females. It is also used to help fat losers become internet celebrities.

A myth says that if one spends too much time with Modern Warfare 2, they completely lose brain function and gain the power to never eat, sleep, or converse with friends, family and/or partners.
Jeff:"Oh my God dude I just hit a fuckin' triple in Modern Warfare 2"

Mike:"That's great....are you not coming to school anymore or what?"
by shcoome March 01, 2010
When one only likes or agrees with someone/something due to success. Even if said individual liked/agreed with something before they were successful, they "hopped on the bandwagon."

The most typical is the Yankees fan, many only like the Yankees due to success, however there are the few who were brought up that way.
Phillies Fan:"Yeah baby the Phillies in the World Series!"
Dodgers Fan:"Bandwagon asshole. The Dodgers have been in the playoffs almost every year and had no success, the Phillies get good out of nowhere and win the World Series."
P Fan:"Go bitch with the Mets Fan"
Mets Fan:"Haven't you put me through enough dick?"
by shcoome March 01, 2010
If you go down in the winter, you can do absolutely anything. You could probably murder someone, and nothing would happen. You could torch the city to the ground, and no one would notice till the frat assholes come down in the summer.
"Broseph I'm goin to Ocean City in the summer!"

"Nah don't bother. Some asshole went down in the winter and blew up everything Brah"
by shcoome March 24, 2010
Being able to get out of a pointless pep rally or band rehearsal without some fat ass teacher finding you and giving you 300 detentions.
Joe: Did you see Steve jump out the window while our teacher was taking us to the pep rally?

Mike: Holy shit I didn't, he's really sneaky.
by shcoome March 24, 2010
An abnormally large, blonde jewfro. Often a preferred hairstyle of nerdy kids, Cheesefro's are all-around hated by society.
"Jesus I can't even see the movie 'cause of that fat kid with the Cheesefro"
by shcoome March 24, 2010
One who kills a lot of people, loses his family, kills a god, cries, trys to kill himself, fails, then becomes a god.
Boss:"Why hasn't John showed up for work the past week?"
Isaac:"Didn't you hear? He's a Kratos now"
Boss:"I'm so sorry."
by shcoome March 01, 2010
A term that describes one who has chronic diarrhea of the mouth. Generally the popular kid at school, although they do absolutely nothing.
Cindy:"Excuse me? Do you know who I am?"
Teacher:"What a Joe Biden"

(Class breaks out into laughter)
by shcoome March 01, 2010

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