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The little kid that has a squeeky voice and gets everyone else irritated. And just remember this fact: Mics make your voice deeper, I'd hate to hear that kid in person. Also known as the ones who whine when it comes to loosing at a game. Not only that, but when they can't end a fight they began, they start using the "N" word! As they grow up, they will have a f'ed up life, tweeking out when someones says "GRENADE!" or "CAMPER!". Oh and one more thing, their parents fail. I mean, what kind of parent lets a 9 year old play this sort of stuff?! I mean, can you imagine seeing these sort of kids in school? THEY MUST BE BANNED, THE MUTE BUTTON ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH!
Me: ROFL I spy noob sniper (throws semtex at Xbox Live Midget)

Xbox Live Midget:(irritating squeeky voice the kills your ears) Wow u sad nig*** u suck wow suck my (not even 1cm) dick.

Me: (hits the mute button) -t bags-

Xbox Live Midget: (keeps repeating the "N" word though i'm not black and yells out random things)

Xbox Live Midget in school: (constantly thinking of the words hayabusa and snipers)
by PTRS Noob December 14, 2009