A mathematical word that i used in a line plot that reprsents a number that occurs oftenly
ehh? i dun understand dis shit...
by Anonymous July 21, 2003
A large Bacardi and Coke. This is always a double measure unless specified otherwise. A single Mode is called a Valerie.

Note: plural it is still "Mode"
"Four more Mode please."
by Jim February 20, 2004
A penis in a shape with more than one angle to it.
My mode is a triangle.
by Chodeser January 27, 2003
A state of retardedness or altered personality caused by trauma or head injuries.
Shit, he is in that mode again!
by k9norn November 12, 2003
A square penis
I'd bone her, but, i couldn't fit my mode in her pussy.
by Rozzy January 18, 2003
a bent penis
Tri: Dude, Rus has a mode!
Chels: That's so funny!
Tri and Chels: hahahahahaha :D
by Mel March 03, 2003
A cs "Counter-Strike" clan
by [ NF | DTR ] March 23, 2003

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