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One of the only good shows currently on Cartoon Network (other than Batman: The Brave and the Bold) amidst the multitude of shitty shows like The Adventures of Gumball and whatnot. Features teenaged heroes who are part of a covert team that work for the Justice League. Pretty badass in that it contains kick ass animation and fight sequences along with comedy and some drama.
Kid 1: Wow, the new shows on Cartoon Network are sooooooooo funny and good!
Kid 2: Gtfo. Everything sucks except for Young Justice and Batman.
Kid 1: *watches YJ and Batman* Wow, you're right!
#awesome #young #justice #good #cartoon
by FanOfTheOldCN October 30, 2011
1)Cartoon Network's last hope. An amazing series revolving around the lives of teenage sidekicks who are members of a fictional covert operation group called the Team. It includes interesting plots, awesome fighting scenes, and amazing humor. The series had lasted for three years with two season on hiatus due to constant negotiations with Cartoon Network and DC. Unfortunately, it has been cancelled by the evil Cartoon Network due to poor merchandise sales.

2)Proof that all good shows on Cartoon Network always get cancelled.
Now, that Young Justice has been cancelled, Cartoon Network has now filled the DC Nation block with The Annoying Orange and the Incredible Crew...
#cartoon network #dc nation #young #justice #cartoon #robin #superboy #aqualad
by pictouch March 17, 2013
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