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ˈbul shee -interjection

A term often used by those under control of public high-school teachers as an alternative to ‘bullshit,’ which expresses the sentiment that a particular situation is utter nonsense.
“That is complete bullshi.”
by thawk93 November 30, 2009
(Bull' Shy) - Verbage, writing, or other expressions that sufficently contains enough bullshit to call it bullshi.

"It's that close to all bullshit".

Character from the book EJJE Amore.

Artist name who performed MLAHAM and In The Abyss Music Cd's.
Just a lot of bullshi.

Character from the book EJJE Amore, "Take the "T" off, enjoy your flavor of tea, and thwart all the bullshit".

Artist on CD MLAHAM and In The Abyss.
by bullshi September 10, 2009
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