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When you are jerking off to porn videos, and are past the point of no return for blowing your load, and the only thing on the screen is some dude's face instead of the chick who is supposed to be getting reamed.
I was in the middle of blowing my load when the only thing I could see in the video was some guy making a stupid face. Total Misfire.
by Smith Master August 31, 2009
The failure to shoot your load as you reach orgasm. The misfire may be due to a recent ejaculation, or chasing an orgasm way to soon.
Bill: I jerked it for the 4th time today and tried too hard to reach orgasm and I misfired.

Bob: Dafuq is your problem man?! You don't tell me shit like that. Later dude, enjoy your blue balls.
by rogerthewhale January 15, 2013
Accidentally sending a text, instant or chat message to the wrong person.
"dude your text said you wanted to rip my panties off?!?!"

"Sorry bro it was a misfire."
by JohnPatrickMCP September 20, 2008
the act of taking a female from behind at a rapid rapid that your penis makes a full exit and inadvertantly, unexpectedly, and uninvitedly enters her balloon knot.
We were having sloppy drunking doggy sex when I totally misfired. She wept and then dumped me.
by nadwick6 March 20, 2007
What happens when you zone out and forget to do something or do something a different way, usually because of being high on marijuana . often due to falling into an automated pattern while doing something. ie. Driving to somewhere along the same route you drive to work everyday, but zoning out and just driving to work.

Murphy was so ripped after that chute session, that he misfired on the way home hardcore. We ended up at Dave's place.
by Xophe April 17, 2007
When you jerk off and hit yourself in the face.
When clayton was jacking off he misfired and hit Him in the mouth
by gititititit April 28, 2015
What you call it when you have diarrhea and you cough or sneeze so hard that you crap your pants.
*cough cough* "Oh crap, I misfired! Better change clothes."
by King Asshat XVIII of Asshatia August 08, 2005
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