The best game in the world. Screw WoW, Minecraft is just freaking awesome. It's blocky.

There are four main modes:
Survival, where you gather resources and build a house, go down and mine for stuff, go to the nether, but you have to fight mobs along the way. The unofficial goal is to get to the End and defeat the Ender Dragon.
Hardcore, which is survival except it is set to the hardest difficulty. You cannot change the difficulty, and if you die once the save is deleted.
Creative, where you have unlimited resources and can build whatever you want. You cannot die unless you fall into the void. Mobs will only attack if provoked. You can break any block with one hit, unlike in Survival or Hardcore, in which you have to hold down the mouse button on the block until it breaks.
Adventure, where you cannot break blocks or build. This gamemode is rarely done without a pre-made map, and you have to use cheats to get into the mode. You cannot start out with adventure mode on a singleplayer world.

You can also go on servers made by other Minecrafters, so you don't always have to be alone! On the servers you can play with other players. (duhh) They are normally developed in a private server and then the server IP is publicly released. However, sometimes the server cannot be accessed because of either your or the server's connection.

I'm such a nerd XD
"Get off Minecraft already! It's 11 pm!"
"Just 5 more minutes! I have to dig back to the surface!"
by yrestrydtrfytguhij July 01, 2013
An amazing sandbox indie game developed by a small Swedish company known as Mojang AB. The Current devs on minecraft are Jeb, Grumm, and Dinnerbone. The game was originally coded by Markus Persson, he goes by Notch online.

Minecraft is also popular for how easy it is to mod its code. Mojang has even come out by saying that they support the modders. Minecraft mods cannot be compared to mods for other games because of what Minecraft mods are capable of doing to ones game. Take a look at the Applied Energistics mod or Buildcraft. These mods completely reinvent the way the game is played.

Unlike most games such as CoD. Mojang doesn't have a Public Relations department. Minecraft got popular strictly by word of mouth.

Minecraft is the most played game on YouTube. A lot of famous YouTubers make Minecraft Videos (AntVenom, ChimneySwift11, and direwolf20, to name a few).

Minecraft is also in active development, and it's likely to be that way for quite some time as Minecraft is still very popular in the internet gaming community. Each update usually adds new items, blocks, biomes, mobs, and bug fixes.

Minecraft is also known for its community. Its community is full of creative people who love to show off their awesome creations. There is also the modding community where new modders can go and talk code with pro mod developers. (,
I've been playing Minecraft since Alpha
by MuscleMan1234 September 03, 2013
The best game ever! If you did drugs, you could easily compare this to that! Just look out for Herobrine :)
SnappCraft: What a nice day on this Minecraft server.
Herobrine joined the game
SnappCraft: AW FUCK
Herobrine was banned by AntVenom
AntVenom: Pwned sucker.
by SnappCraft May 12, 2013
A code word for the illegal but hopefully soon to be decriminalized drug marijuana. Minecraft which is a video game, relates to weed in a earthy way.
"DUDE! After school wanna go play some minecraft?!"
by Acerocks76 December 24, 2013
The meeting place of all annoying 10-12 year olds. Nobody knows what they are talking about because they are speaking in a very broken English that scientists suspect are from the child being hit in the head so hard that his head slammed into the keyboard.
Jim: Tim, do you play minecraft?
Tim: yersh i em tho gud it ti
by DrPooptickler December 30, 2014
Minecraft is a sandbox game that allows you to go on servers, play with friend on same Wi-Fi, and even play single-player! There are also different types of gamemodes that you can play.
Creative: Build whatever you want, and it's also private!
Survival: A harder gamemode where you have to survive, without unlimited resources. You have to get your own resources to survive.
Hardcore: Only one try, if you die, you will rage like you just don't care because you only have one try!
Please don't fucking rage. It's a good game. Don't use the game for bad reasons, like a substitute for drugs.
Tony: Hey, let's go!
You: Fuck that! I'm playing Minecraft you dirty prick!
by LegitMCCod December 27, 2014
A video game by notch with creepers,spiders,zombies,skeletons,endermen
Heck I saw a enderman in a cave also you can craft tons of things and mine for diamonds Stampylongnose makes minecraft videos and has alot of subscribers
There is the nether with pigmen,blazes,magma cubes and ghasts

And the end with the ENDER dragon also there is herobrine only in Xbox and ps3
Notch: I finally made minecraft!!!!!
Herobrine: it dosent make since you put pigmen in minecraft pocket edition BUT NO NETHER
notch: u r not in it either
by Object show July 16, 2014

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