An incredibly great survival/building game where you punch trees at first and then after a while.... DIAMOND EVERYTHING!!!
buildman2342:omg this guy grifed my hose omg omg
griefman252 has been banned
by otrotodrt May 26, 2011
A game with pixelated textures and other stuff. More fun than sex.
A: Want to-
B: I don't care what you're doing, I'm too busy playing Minecraft.
by ihm July 15, 2012
The meeting place of all annoying 10-12 year olds. Nobody knows what they are talking about because they are speaking in a very broken English that scientists suspect are from the child being hit in the head so hard that his head slammed into the keyboard.
Jim: Tim, do you play minecraft?
Tim: yersh i em tho gud it ti
by DrPooptickler December 30, 2014
A game where everything is made of 1 meter cubed blocks.
There are 4 modes:

Survival: Gather resources, build a house, fight health and hunger, kill the Ender Dragon.
Adventure: Same as Survival but you can't destroy blocks.
Hardcore: Survival with no respawning
Creative: Build anything with unlimited resources, free flying, and no health or hunger.
Minecraft is awesome
Current version: 1.3.2
The new 1.4 update in Minecraft will have leather armor and wolf collars that can be dyed, cobblestone walls, item frames, new potions, carrots and golden carrots along with potatoes and baked potatoes, beacons, zombie villagers, bats, witches and more!!
by link998 October 13, 2012
' Minecraft Is What Minecraft is, so DONT FUCKING FORGET '

Minecraft is a sandbox'ish' indie game created by mojang, who was originally lead by Marcus persson or 'notch'.
The game had no real objective but to survive and have fun doing an almost infinite possibilities untill update 1.1 ( non-beta ) with the realease of the ENDER DRAGON, a mob named after an earlier mob, endermen.
In its alpha release in 2009, it gained some attention as a game with exponential promise as a game. In 2010 it became beta and well-known, and in its final beta stages in 2011 is was a world-famous game. It left beta in early 2012,
leaving the beta tag and going to ' 1.0 '.

in early 2012, notch left the minecraft crew to do another game, which i wont say. He left ' Jebb ' his roommate, to own the game. Most people say Jebb ruined minecraft, but ill let you decide 'yes' or 'no'
Minecraft is an ' indie ' game though some strongly disagree
by cedric1234 September 18, 2012
The BEst Game you wil ever play. It is a game where you can fly around and build HUGE awesome things. You can also slay monsters with a sword. If you don't like it you suck.
Dude.. I played Minecraft last night and stayed up building my house.
by Your moma February 10, 2012
A very fun game, most would say, and some people say it's another "drug", because it's so addicting. Minecraft uses Blocks/cubes, and they are pixelated. Why? Because every block uses some java, and the higher the texture, like realism HD, would make a shit ton of lag.

Anyway, minecraft is very fun because you can build any building, or pixel art, you want. There is no planned mission you have to do, like in Halo or C.O.D... You don't always have to build some huge kick-ass thing. There is also survival mode, with peaceful, easy, normal, and hard difficulties. There is also other game modes. Creative, and adventure.

Minecraft was made by "Notch" but is now being coded by "jeb_". C418 made the music and soundtracks, and Dinnerbone is another coder.
Person 1: "Hey...Dude, u wanna smoke some weed?.."
Person 2: "Can't, I'm fighting the Enderdragon..."

Person 1: "Minecraft is gay."
Person 2: "You just don't have a creative mind."

Person 1: "WTF is the point of play minecraft?"
Person 2: "It's fun, dumb-ass."

Person 1: "Why the fuck is everything a block, and pixelated??"
Person 2: "Cause if it wasn't, it would have a shit ton of lag, and the computer would overheat."
by Pam-Dama-Rama April 17, 2013
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