A game that kicks complete ass! But some people are Judgmental retards and judge the game by its graphics.
Hey! Have you heard of minecraft?

That game??? That game sucks!


Its graphics are terrible!

So what? Have you played it?


My point exactly!
by Spy_Round_Hear May 26, 2011
It's a game about placing and breaking blocks to build anything you can imagine.

There are currently 2 game modes (one in development):
-SURVIVAL Beta: This version of the game involves having to survive in a randomly generated world. However at night, monsters come out, be sure to build a shelter before that happens.

-CLASSIC: In this version, which is free, you get infinite of every block, everything is about building.
Jack: Hey, what are you playing?
John: Minecraft.
Jack: Those graphics are terrible. Oh! What's that green penis thing over there?
John: OH SHIT!
by aetherX July 05, 2011
Minecraft is a game written in Java created by Mojang AB in 2009. Minecraft has two current variants - Classic (which is free) and Beta (which you have to pay for).
In Beta, the main goal is to survive. At night, monsters spawn (but not in Peaceful mode) and attack you so you need to craft items and tools to help you survive. You also need to eat regularly.

Minecraft has gone through many development stages:

Classic - the oldest version. It is still playable and has multiplayer. In Classic, you have an infinite amount of blocks, no health, and no mobs.

Survival Test - Part of Classic, very basic compared to the Survival we play and know today.

Indev - Added a number of new features, including crafting, torches, and tools.

Infdev - Added the ability to have an infinite playing surface.

Alpha - Added biomes, nether, sneaking, and much more.

Beta - The current version of Minecraft. Added beds (which can skip the night), more mobs such as endermen and wolves (which can be tamed with bones and attack monsters), and many more.

Multiplayer is in both Classic and Beta, which allows, well, multiplayer, duhhhh
Girlfriend: Why aren't you spending much time with me, Greg?
by Somebody500 October 16, 2011
The single most addicting game in the world, side effects are anti-sociality, fear of light, explodingpenisphobia, a fear of the Creeper, occasional dreams only in blocks and thinking Minecraft is real.
person1: I punched my refrigerator to get milk.

person2: You dumbass you know you need a bucket for milk

person3: Minecraft is not real you need a fucking cup for milk dumbasses!

person1,2: Um, We knew that
by Kitty Carvis September 07, 2011
A virtual drug that will probably take over your childhood and teenage years.
Guy 1 - Hey, Do you wanna go to my house and watch the game?
Mother down stairs - What's going on up there?!
Guy 2 - He's on minecraft again...
by xXChibitaliaXx March 06, 2012
The cancer that plagues Youtube
Uploader: "Hey guys, this is (insert name here), and welcome back to another episode of minecraft survival-

by Mikyun January 23, 2015
Basically like a drug once you get it you can never stop using it
Kid 1:Dude wanna go play Cod black ops

Kid 2:*flips other kid off* Shut up I'm building a tunnel in minecraft that goes from one side of the map to the other so fuck off!
Kid 1:Fine ill go play by myself
by tehsnipingninja123 August 29, 2011

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