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Putting a baby into a roasting pan 1/4 full of milk and then putting it in the oven with the heat on. This is done when a caucasian baby is born but it is not white enough for the parents, usually the mother. When the child is done cooking the baby is now white enough, like milk. The result is usually a dead baby.
Ted: Have you seen Susan around?
Tom: Didn't you hear? That crazy bitch went to jail for putting her kids in the oven with milk. Wouldn't stop saying "milk-baby, milk-baby"
Ted: WTF?
Tom: WTF is right
by ms415 September 19, 2006
A milk baby refers to a socially inept rich male who resorts to paying others to teach them either through online tutorial, book or video, how to attract women. The teacher is thusly "milking the baby".

An alternative for males to having a sugar momma, in this manner a male is more capable of usurping their superiority and dominance over the milk baby.
"Dude keep your milk baby in check, he's getting creepy."

The milk baby watched from afar, taking mental notes of the techniques to woo women from his teacher.
by Writer Wrongin July 13, 2012
Bcs jc like drinking milk before go bed each day.
so then we call him milkbabe for discribe depand on sth some cute thins so much .
O u just looks like a milkbaby !
by milkbaby November 13, 2007
A coy name for Sperm. Also known as 'Cream Sauce'.
"Why buy the cow when you can get the milk babies for free."
by Eisenfaust August 02, 2008
A fat person that smells like rotten milk and whose hands are always wet.
That guy is freakin Milk Baby.
by Snake75 June 07, 2005