A slutty, disney channel, Tennessee pice of white trash. she has been changed by fame and disney channel... and is now a whore
That bitch is such a Miley Cyrus
by itellthetruthbitches April 18, 2010
1. Disney's attempt to continuous let your children to be subliminally trained to become a dumb whore.

2. A cunt who has zero unique musical talent. I'm not even sure if she actually has any talent beyond anything on an elementary level. She's just has a cute girly voice, a sexualized face that I'd love to pool shoot with my cock, and a little body that makes hormones rage.
The climb is a shitty song by miley cyrus, featuring a rip off of the old philosophy to keep trying, terrible vocals, constant indirect metaphorical lyricism - blah blah blah, and not one good musical sound.

The song has been used as leverage to give her legit ground, and seeing 90% of the people suck at life they just can't see how the so called talented, who are actually nothing more than slutty singers, are turning little daughters into nothing more than fucking confused about sex/life tools.

You are a bad parent if you think Miley Cyrus, is okay or worst yet better than okay.

Learn to swim.
by fb111 January 27, 2010
Synonym for whore. Her reputation as a Disney tween sensation is diminished.
*Girl trying extremely hard to look hot*: Hey Joe!
*Average Joe*: Quit being a Miley Cyrus and get the fuck away from me.
by professoroak93 October 12, 2010
A poor girl that let fame, and money go to her head. Before, she was your typical tween/teen. But she let her own life get out of hand and now she is trying to be, "grown up" when, in fact, she is not.
by Janelise June 21, 2010
A slutty whore who thinks she knows everything but in fact, if her hair was to ben dyed blonde everyone would think that is her natural hair color. She obvisoly wants to be the next Paris Hilton/Lindsey Lohan/Brittney Spears (but without the come back) Half of the population loves her and the actually sane people hate her and wants to drive over to her house just to run over her. Her 20 something ex-boyfriend use to live with her and is basically the biggest bitch on the planet.
Amy: Miley Cyrus is so awsome I love her!!!
Sammantha: What the hell! are you stupid you whore! Only the stupidest bitches in the world think she is awsome. She is a SLUT!!!
Amy: whoa chill.
by Mileyhatter March 31, 2010
A new way that Disney channel found to earn money.
What's the difference betwen a Miley Cyrus concert and a strip pub?
- In Miley's concert kids are alowed to go in.
by ElectronikGeisha February 08, 2010
wow thats miley cyrus?
ya shes a whore
by ryee December 28, 2009

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