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A stupid Hilary Duff bubblegum pop-singer wannabe who cannot act or sing to save her life and irritates everyone in the room. Has the stupidest TV show ever with the dumbest plot about how a teenage girl transforms into the pop star Hannah Montana at night. Apparently a blonde wig fools everyone. It was stupid also because the show began when she was like 13 and in 7th grade. Who the hell would go to a concert that featured a 13-year-old kid singing?! How many people was she really fooling into thinking she was old enough to BE a pop star?! She also tries extra hard to shed her good-girl image but every attempt only makes her look more pathetic and immature.
Guy #1: Oh my God, did you see those pictures of Miley Cyrus with her dad?! Guy #2: Dude, I know right! Here's a tip for ya, if you want to shed your good-girl image, don't take adult pictures with your DAD ON SET!!!
by mileyhater01 August 15, 2009

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