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a male always talkin to young girls about his kick-ass place they should see. blabbing on , on how great the place or *pad* is when really thers nothin special to it.
Dude: you should totally come to my place. i have a jacuzzi, sauna, and everything!
Girl: Yea rite ur jacuzzi is probably a bathtub and the sauna is probably a broken pipe in the shower. Ur such a blabpad.
by AnonymousAthiest April 23, 2010
another way of saying anal sex. where one has sex in the ass by a man. the receiver from anal sex can be both woman/man...usually women though.
Girl 1: hey i heard you go butt shafted by your boyfriend last night. i heard that was your first time anal.

Girl2: yea it was ok. i wouldnt do it again.

Girl1: how come?

Girl 2: well is was going fine until i got pink socked.

Girl 1: pink sock!? eww OMG OMG
by AnonymousAthiest May 15, 2010
A talentless whore that always seems to be singing about herself and her wonderful life as being a rich spoiled brat. Her voice can kill an elephant yet the deaf tweens (11 yr old fatties chicks) in the world would pay money to see her stupid cliche movies and concerts. She sings extremely loud and off key all the time yet is always voted as best pop singer at kids choice awards. She is such a great role model for the young generation out there, posting porno pics on her myspace and dating underwear model that are over 18 yrs old (Sarcasm). All miley cyrus haters are counting the days til her life is fucked up the ass like those other disney stars.
Miley Cyrus: Hey y'all, how you doing tonite?!?
Tween Droans: OMG OMG OMG Miley Cyrus we love you. We dont care if we pay 100$ to see your shit concert bcuz we want you to get rich off of our parents money while you run around with your top off WOOOHHH!!!
Miley Cyrus: Thats great y'all, well then lets get this concert going!
by AnonymousAthiest April 18, 2010

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