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Dear, where does one begin when defining Micky. Micky is an individual who you will never forget... you can't forget... you won't ever wish to forget. A very intelligent guy with a sweetness about him which is very rare to come across. His honesty and ability to read you like a leaf will amaze you, and sometimes you might feel shy. He's absolutely gorgeous, with eyes which will haunt you in your sleep but in a beautiful way and his touch will linger on days, months and sometimes even a year after he's touched your face. Dreaming about being wrapped in the comfort of his strong arms is something experienced every moment of the day. He may not be aware but his passionate sensual nature can make a bashful girl's heart beat very fast... something which she's not felt before. He's an amazing guy, very understanding and patient with a certain person's blonde moments (she was dropped as a child :)). His heart is always in the right place. He is kind, super understanding and would do anything for the ones he loved. To have him in your life is the greatest pressie... so treasure it.
wow you're being dated by Micky? you lucky miss. Loved him head to toe alright and show him the world. give him your heart don't hesitate! he'll take care of it...
by Xxbcuzofu:)xX June 13, 2010
118 57
Micky is an older gentlemen who can still haul in the young ladies! He does it by being the cool, calm confident type. Just when the unsuspecting woman is comfortable with him he asks to see her naked.... and she usually says yes!
Once he is enamored with a female he is completely loyal. Although he still flirts to keep his skills honed.
me: I think you're a great guy Micky...

Answer: Yeah I am... Can I see you naked?
by samson65 February 05, 2010
82 50
nickname for michaela. she is a wonderful girl, very pretty, stylish, funny and nice. very outgoing and wild. she enjoys a good time and seeing friends. is very laid back around guys, and loves to party. she never forgets a good joke and you definately will not forget her.
micky: hi im michaela
friend: can i call you micky?

micky is so outgoing!

oh micky you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind! Hey micky hey hey hey micky!
by justlaughforpeace September 09, 2011
39 17
A Micky is Irish slang for a man's penis.
Hey there bud! (Dublin accent)
Show us your micky
Jesus that's feckin' huge
I know!!

or - He had a huge Micky
by Uncle Badger May 15, 2006
126 118
smoking dope
hew man, lets gan talk ta micky
by mental micky December 05, 2008
42 55
An asshole who takes advantage of girls and dumps them the next day. He gets all emo and threatens to kill himself. A complete pussy.
So I took advatage od some chick and dumped her the next day.

you're such a micky! -slaps in face-
by ditzystubbz October 28, 2008
49 78
the term given to people when they roll like a cockblock and try to fuck up people in all bad senses of the word. people who act as such persons are usually given new names such as Walt (after Walt Disney who created Mickey Mouse... the most fucking annoying mutherfucking cartoon EVER... TWICE)
RAWKUS: but, but, but... BUT WHY d man does move soooo MICKY!!!!
Person #2: i dont know but he really moving MICKY as Cunt... i think thats why hes WALT... fucking ass
by Beyenne October 08, 2007
19 55