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Hitting someone with your pistol in gears of war.. stunning them and then hitting them again, downing them..
I hate when noobs micky mouse my ass!
by Derek Hasanoglu February 21, 2008
A term used to describe something that is fake/faked.
Hey that "Rolex" you bought in the market is micky mouse!
by Symptomatik February 05, 2007
1.the guy that wanted to divorce minnie mouse for cheating on him.
2. a cool mouse.
1. judge-"im sorry but u cant divorce minnie mouse because shes crazy."
micky-"i didnt say she way crazy, i said she was fucking goofy."
2. micky mouse can be cool, most the time gay, but cool.
by Chet and Josh November 06, 2004
a lesbian three or four way

invented by the great sam, and also first used by the great sam, her lover erica, and her other lover stef, and occasionaly kristina
girl 1: Hey, do you want to hang out tonight?
girl 2: Ok! I'll call some1 else over and we can micky mouse
by santaporn January 15, 2005
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