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The most beautiful, special girl i've ever met with the prettiest eyes. Stands out from the rest because of her stunning beauty, and the way she talks, walks, and moves tells me shes an angelic being from heaven. Many putos try to hate, but thats just cuz there some jealous fools who never got none before.
I cant sleep at night because I miss Michelle too much
by EseL0v3rBoy June 12, 2009
509 190
a very hot girl
not fat
skinny or average
very sexual
a whore
the best at sex
amazing person
the bestest friend ever
a great girlfriend
mostly white and preppy
1. Michelle is hot.
2. I banged Michelle yesterday.
3. Michelle is looking good.
by brjhtbgtynh July 10, 2008
1060 774
Hebrew meaning "One who is like God"...No surprise there because Michelles tend to be perfect. They are funny, smart, gorgeous, usually Capricorns, and often the topic of popular pop songs such as “Sexy Bitch” by David Guetta ft. Akon. Probably the hottest lay you will ever have, but best put a ring on it if you like it, because ‘slut’ is one thing a Michelle is not.
guy#1 "have you seen the new girl? she is such a sexy bitch!”
guy#2 “yeah. i’ve heard she’s not a slut though.”
guy#1 “damn!... must be a Michelle.”

"Holy hot damn! That girl is pulling a Michelle!"

“omg this is my favorite song! do you know who its about!?”
by dudeyoujustgotownedbythepwnbus December 06, 2009
394 164
the greatest girl alive. she is the most amazing girl with beautiful hair and has a nice ass she is very funny and is perfect. the best girl you will ever have
"hey man i just got a michelle!"

"nice dude!!!!"
by ab3tgggf3 July 25, 2009
421 191
A smart, funny, pretty girl. Usually into the performing arts. Creative, spirited, unusual-may seem weird. Doesn't care what other people think about her. A good actress-a great person. Usually a misfit who is outgoing but sometimes shy and very musical. Doesn't let anything go to her head. Thinks dogs are awesome.
Person 1: "I just saw this girl-she's pretty, smart, good at acting and when I told her she just shrugged!" Person 2: "Must have been named Michelle." Person 1: "How'd you know?" Person 2: "..."
by purpledoodles February 06, 2010
331 108
A beautiful woman, with usually dark exotic features. She tends to unconsiously have very sexy movemennts&facials, Michelles are usually very talented singers &/or dancers, are very straight forward but give great advice, love to party, and are cool to just chill with or be crazy with, amazing
wow ! Michelle is sooo TALENTED!

i wish i had a voice like Michelle

wow, your so sexy your almost like a Michelle
by 7hnjbhjhb###%y June 16, 2011
335 117
A shot of pineapple flavored rum mixed with 6 oz Red Bull, and served over ice
"Bartender, give me a Michelle!"
by Delanie May 05, 2008
516 315