1.one who is amazingly concieted and very crazy. Michelle's tend to be a little out there but that is what makes them so loveable. they are also nymphos.
2. crazy sexual postion where you don't even know what is going on.
3.a different dimension.
I was with "michelle" the other day and OMG it is was amazing.
I tried the "michelle" last night and it was the best thing ever.
I wish i could travel to "michelle" like Martin did.
by Marcus Caleb November 29, 2007
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a very beautiful extremely athletic, and fun to be around, she is smart,loves to cook, has many friends,and tons of guys like her. she has very low-self confidence, people think very highly of her, repectiful, and has a pot smoking bitchy asshole for a sister.
guy one: "hey man i think im gonna ask that girl over to dinner"

guy two : "damnn, she looks like a michelle, but u know, dont meet her sister."

guy one: "yeahh man i know, dont wanna go down that path.."
by adsffadsafafs February 04, 2010
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Gorgeous, smart and just down right perfect ! Michelle's are goddesses. Quite often musical and also clumsy. They don't like change and can get angry very easily.
Oh look it's Michelle I think I've died and went to heaven
by ¡Hello world! November 22, 2016
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Michelle is a name meaning 'who is like God' This word can therefore be used as someone who is extremely awesome and funny to be around. Michelle is similar to God. Amazing.
Damn, I hung out with Peter yesterday and he was so Michelle
by queen987659 July 15, 2016
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Michelle's are the plain Jane's of the world but usually have a good body. They can be funny, sweet and caring around the people they care about. And will be a loving partner to any man who shows her the affection she needs to feel alive.
They are dreamers and are quite often not in touch with reality which can lead to misunderstandings and make it difficult for others to stick around for long periods of time.
She loves her family and has many close friends but be careful not to do her wrong or get on her bad side as she is vindictive and will fight to the death to prove a point. She doesn't trust easily and it is very hard for her to forgive and she will never forget so make sure you stay on her good side.
What Michelle wants, Michelle will get!!

She's got a great body, but her face is a "Michelle"

The devils spawn
by DontMessWithHer October 04, 2016
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Hebrew meaning "like God"

Beautiful and smart. Mysterious and hypnotizing. The kind of girl you can depend on. Sweet and funny yet takes no crap from no one. Amazing in bed and wonderful kisser. Lucky to meet her acquaintance.
Male 1: I don't know what it is about her, I think I'm in love.

Male 2: She must be a Michelle.
by Heybeautiful57 December 20, 2016
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The kind of person that does not come around often. She is sweet, kind, and an overall amazing person. She will be your shoulder to cry on and she will stand by you and help pick up the pieces when you fall apart. She often gives good advice and always does the right thing. A Michelle makes moments with her special and unique. I hope everyone finds a Michelle.
"Michelle is my best friend."
"You're so lucky to have someone like her in your life."
"I know. Trust me."
by pokemongottacatchemall July 13, 2016
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