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The coolest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.
Michelangelo's a par-tee dude!
by Davey Crockey April 21, 2003
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italian: the name michelangelo means close to god ,saintly , or gods messenger or warrior, also the coolest ninja turtle , he is also very nice good hearted and strong willed altough he can be annoying he is good to his freinds and girl
michelangelo comes from the bible ask ,old italian people
#god #name #awesome #freindly #ninja
by fbjaehfiuhaihwfiuwefhcdsa January 17, 2012
If you're an old history teacher, you'll know Michelangeloas the versatile artist whose prowess challenges that of Leonardo Da Vinci. Also, as an old history teacher, you'd know that Michelangelo died at the hallowed age of 88. Hopefully our beloved YMer, Michelangelo will live to be just as old, or older. From the looks of it, she's carefree, has a big heart, and is the girl you'd think about when hearing the country song "Stand by Your Man."
It's a must to learn how to be frisky and seventeen. Deprived as I am, I think Michelangelo can help me in that department.
#cute #interesting #tolerable #funky #missed
by Scherbatsky* March 27, 2008
A noble animal, this horse accompanies the Viscount when he is in cities.
Look! There rides the Viscount, astride Michelangelo. Huzzah!
#viscount #viceroy #sabi #horse #horsie
by chasethedoor November 02, 2011
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