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Michael Moore
by E.k.b December 14, 2011
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An extremely fat, frumpy, disgusting, liberal "documentary" film maker. His films are classified under the term "documentary" but he really doesnt document anything. He misconstrues facts to fit liberal agendas and philosophies, while also cutting/pasting words from interviews and even different timelines to achieve a far less then desirable image of the person(s) being shown in his films.

He is a multi-millionaire from his movies and books, yet he views America as a deeply racist nation, believing capitalism to be an "evil system". Has characterized American soliders, troops fighting to preserve ours and his rights, as an "evil occupation" force.

This man is a completely pompous phony. He touts beliefs, political and philosophical, that completely contradict how he lives his life. He has made millions from critizing this great country that then allows him to say the reprehensible things that he does under freedom of speech.

Special Note: Michael Moore denounces capitalism, free markets, conservatism, and even the freedoms he enjoys, without realizing that he has made his fortune in films/books almost directly because of them.
Interviewer: So, Michael Moore, thank you for coming today. Sorry we had to special order reinforced chairs to fit your, ahem,..."special needs"
Moore: Thats alright, what with the buffet you guys put out, I can assure you the pleasure is all mine.
Interviewer: Yes its VERY obvious that you enjoy a good meal, which brings us to my first question, dont you find it hypocritical that you, being 400 lbs, should advise Americans against the evils of over-consumption, as a tenet of capitalism?
Moore: Well,...I,...uhh, question.
Interviewer: Well Mike, do you think its fair to position yourself as an "advocate for the working class of America" when you in fact have a net worth of millions of dollars, send your kids to private school, and own both a million $ penthouse in Manhattan and vacation home in Michigan?
Moore: Dont you have any questions where I can bash Bush or conservatives in the answers?
Interviewer: Well how about this one Mike, isnt it contradictory that you question Bush's military service and the military in general when you, yourself, havent served in any branch of service whatsoever?
Moore: Thats it, Im leaving.
Interviewer: Okay Mike, on your way out help yourself to an item from the dessert tray, Uhh Mr. Moore? I said an item, not the whole thing. Mr. Moore? Mr. Moore!?
by Skidmark McGee October 06, 2009
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A filmmaker who is the absoute master at making gullible people think the way he does.
Brainless Chump: Did you see that movie about George Bush by Michael Moore? Did you know that George Bush was personally responsible for 911. You better vote Democrat.

Me: Uh, you know those same terrorists tried to blow up the World Trade Center during the Clinton administration right? And that Clinton did absolutely nothing about it?
by Alfie The Horndog October 17, 2005
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A very leftist Hollywood documentary filmmaker who also writes some books. He has been accused by many of telling lies in his movies but I tend to believe that he is overall honest because he is an Eagle Scout.
If I could ask Michael Moore one question it would be if he makes any tax deductions.
by rustyshackleford December 10, 2007
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A large obese liberal idiot, who looks remarkably like a frumpy middle-aged lesbian.
Wow, is that an ugly, frumpy, fat, middle-aged woman, or is that Michael Moore?
by -=[EP]=-KingArthur[HK] April 07, 2006
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Michael Moore is a leftist democrat. He is a political analyst/critic/filmmaker. Some of his credits include Bowling for Columbine, Farenheit 9/11, and a book composed of letters from Marines and other troops fighting in Iraq.

He is often criticized for his incoherent arguments and emphasizing insignificant flaws about George W. Bush and the Republican Party in general.
Michael Moore is the director of Farenheit 9/11.
by P! April 08, 2006
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To steal something without asking. From the title of Moore's famous movie "Fahrenheit 9/11" which is an obvious reference to Ray Bradbury's book Fahrenheit 451, which Moore took without asking or giving Bradbury any compensation.
Don: Dude, that kid just took my soda pop!

Rick: That Michael Moore!
by a somewhat smart guy November 05, 2009
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