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A large obese liberal idiot, who looks remarkably like a frumpy middle-aged lesbian.
Wow, is that an ugly, frumpy, fat, middle-aged woman, or is that Michael Moore?
by -=[EP]=-KingArthur[HK] April 07, 2006
A woman so evil, cruel, and kniving that she is both a bitch and a witch.
Patty not only broke Jill and Ben up, she stole Ben and destroyed Jill's credit rating. What a Bitch Witch.
by -=[EP]=-KingArthur[HK] April 07, 2006
An absolutely frustrating person that does not rise to the level of a beating or actual profanity. A term of annoyance or disgust.
That guy ran the light on me, what a penis waffle.
by -=[EP]=-KingArthur[HK] April 07, 2006
An amusing bufoon, whose foolish antics, though entertaining are tainted with personal shame.
Don was the class clown. Don stuck pencils up his nose, and made the class laugh, however, Don tripped on his loose shoe laces and impacted the pencils into his head and had to go to the nurse. What an ard-tard!
by -=[EP]=-KingArthur[HK] April 07, 2006
Wendy's, as Dave, the owner and founder of Wendy's is dead.
Everyplace was closed, and I was hungry, but Dead Dave's Burgers are always open late.
by -=[EP]=-KingArthur[HK] April 08, 2006
Slang for a woman with appealing and large breasts.
Man, did you see the rib mellons on that chick?
by -=[EP]=-KingArthur[HK] April 08, 2006
An ignorant vacuos socialite woman who has no redeeming qualities other than possibly fading good looks, that married a wealthy husband and thinks by association with him should control everyone and everything. Her arrogance knows no bounds. Her only job in life is fucking her husband, and because she married welath and power she in essence "fucked well".
Barbara had a GED and worked at a grocery store, until one day she married Fred, an M.D. She then decided to control the school board, the church, the local PTA, and the local Rotary Club. Her arrogance and stupidity knew no bounds, because she was no more, no less than a fuckwell.
by -=[EP]=-KingArthur[HK] April 07, 2006

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