The Havanaof America
Girl: Hey you want to take a trip to Cuba?
Guy: Nah lets just go to Miami
by xxkellygreen September 22, 2008


Can be found from Pitbulls new Reaggeton album M.I.A.M.I.
by Outlaw 2 Da Death November 26, 2005
best place to live if your:
1) gay straight bi lesbian it dont matter
2)where all us loud ass cubans live
3)where everyone knows at least 2 languages spanish english
4)where if you know one cuban you know the world
5)where if you know a cuban u get what you want
6)where every girl is perfect
7)where everyone tans
8)where everyone has something fake
9)where you wish you were
man i went partying last night and i hooked up with 3 girls....i am officially a happy lesbian....i love miami
by AlesiGrey November 28, 2008
Possibly my favorite City. Nicknamed M.I.A, It is a tight place in Florida, hot beaches and even hotter women, good night life, has ghettos and places with million dollar mansions. Has delicous food and good resturants. A lot of Cubans and Ricans but that really doesn't matter unless your racist. By the way this is a definiton from a Jersey boy so that shows most people from the North have love for the South too.
Person 1: Damnnn M.I.A has a lot of dimes

Me: Yeah Miami women are hot, same with the beaches, clubs, and a lot of other things in the City.
by Boss Tycoon October 13, 2007
A city in Florida where little rich boys live in gated communities but think they live in the hood. Don't be fooled though, in reality they are nothing but a bunch of wimpy bitches who suck at Halo and Halo 2.
Justin: "Bobby thinks he's a gangsta because he's from Miami."
Dave: Ya I know, but it's a gated community, really he's just a rich bitch in a 2 million dollar house."
Justin: "Doesn't he drive an Audi too?"
by James Keating III March 06, 2006
A beautiful exotic city in South Florida.. Home of the rich and famous and also home to bums and prostitutes.. Miami is known for its wild nightlife, beautiful people, flashy cars, bums who stand on the street corners with signs begging for your cash flow especially on Biscayne blvd, and also to some loud CUBANS..
Lets go show off in Miami Beach tonight... Let me call my girl Veronica who i haven't spoken to since last year.. she works at Mansion.. she could probably get us in tonight...

(this person is a typical user) these people need be stabbed..
by Betty boo May 07, 2007
+Dat Cocaine Capital, where money is always a major issue.
+City where eryone hustles from the morning til night.
+A melting pot city, from Cubans to Hatians, Puertoricans, Dominicans, Colombians, Jamaicans, Nicaraguans, to the Carribean.
+Home of the Hurricanes, Dolphins, Marlins, Heat.
+Home of Trick Daddy, Uncle Luke, Unlce Al(rip), Trina, Pitbull, Rick Ross, Flo Rida, Brisco, Dirtbag, Pretty Ricky, Dj Laz
Miami Slang
~Ay what dey do foo, what dat be bout cuh?
~Que buelta, Que bola?
~Lil mama off tha chain!
~You wanna shoot a fade daw?
~Ay there go buddy right thea!
by 305 Chiko October 13, 2008

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