A city in Florida where little rich boys live in gated communities but think they live in the hood. Don't be fooled though, in reality they are nothing but a bunch of wimpy bitches who suck at Halo and Halo 2.
Justin: "Bobby thinks he's a gangsta because he's from Miami."
Dave: Ya I know, but it's a gated community, really he's just a rich bitch in a 2 million dollar house."
Justin: "Doesn't he drive an Audi too?"
by James Keating III March 06, 2006
+Dat Cocaine Capital, where money is always a major issue.
+City where eryone hustles from the morning til night.
+A melting pot city, from Cubans to Hatians, Puertoricans, Dominicans, Colombians, Jamaicans, Nicaraguans, to the Carribean.
+Home of the Hurricanes, Dolphins, Marlins, Heat.
+Home of Trick Daddy, Uncle Luke, Unlce Al(rip), Trina, Pitbull, Rick Ross, Flo Rida, Brisco, Dirtbag, Pretty Ricky, Dj Laz
Miami Slang
~Ay what dey do foo, what dat be bout cuh?
~Que buelta, Que bola?
~Lil mama off tha chain!
~You wanna shoot a fade daw?
~Ay there go buddy right thea!
by 305 Chiko October 13, 2008
Pitbull's new album (da one dat sings "Culo") is called M.I.A.M.I.
by anonymous August 29, 2004
1) a slightly modernized Spanglish speaking Latin American country embedded into the continental US.
2) has probably the worst educational system in US.
3) people at work eager to finish the workshift to go partying at nightclubs.
4) has people that denegate their roots and pretend to be more american than even native gringos--even get offended if talked to in ther native Spanish language!
5) the place where you see the greatest number of american flags in cars, but the majority of population is of Latin American origin.
6) one of the poorest cities in the US, high crime, some gangs, extremely bad customer service.
7) lots of wicked auto mechanics, lots of bosses that don't give raises to their employees and contribute to the overall powerty.
8) people see themselves as great as the car they drive.
9) girls are hot and use lots of silicone to reshape nature's will.
10) new generations only listen the shitty Rap "music" and street-race a lot endangering other people's lives.
11) properties are extremely high, cost of living skyrocketing, impossible to live.
12) lots of cubans from all walks of lifes, intergenerational differences.
I went to Miami, ordered some pizzas, took 2 hours for them to be ready. When driving to pick them a m.f. young dude street racer hit me in the back (of course he ran away). Took the car to a mechanic, after 2 weeks of waiting the mechanic said I needed to replace the transmision.
by cubanoTeacher December 09, 2005
adj. aka "North Cuba" -- Miami is in south Florida, a place where the average white male is not average, where americans are the minority and imports are the majority!
Have you been to Miami lately, its always cool to be american and yet everyone expects you to know spanish since they cant speak the nations language ENGLISH! Why does it seem like I am in North Cuba?
by Cyclone44 April 03, 2005
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