noune:cocaine that Tony Montana shit
verb: the act of snorting cocaine
yo whats good wit that miami.
ayo lets go to Miami tickets half price...feel me
yo that foolz in Miami..haha
#coke #cocaine #yayo #yay #white #coca
by Roldan June 24, 2008
> A place that you can never have "nothing" to do.
> A place where age is quite literally just a number.
> Hell with palm trees
> Populated by wanna-be thugs and chongas
> Rarely does the IQ pass 40
> Cubans run the place
> A tourist's turn-on
> White people are just there for the Latin's enjoyment. We can laugh at their poor Spanish skills while stealing their cars.

Miami is where homes are destroyed to build condos for idiot tourists who apparently don't have the ability to read maps properly
#miami #florida #condos #latin #tourists
by Miami Gal January 24, 2007
The realist city.
by Anonymous October 07, 2003
1. awesome; happenin'; sweet
2. Relating to or denoting a state of perfection; when something can't get any better; right-on
That road trip was miami!
This party is so miami!
#awesome #cool #rad #radical #sweet #booya #booyah #amazing #fantastic #righteous #choice #phat #da'bomb
by lewis_ctr July 02, 2007
The best town in the world. Sure, its got refs and rafters, but its Miami. Great food, great night life and the number 2 beach in the world in 2004!
Miami kicks ass. It is beauty Paris Hilton, really hot, beautiful and a good bang.
by DJO January 09, 2005
Money Is A Major Issue
sonny/ yo dog kenny is locked up
jimmy/ oh shit, Miami
by tim alot March 06, 2005
A Jewish Princesses favorite Wine.
"I wanna go to Miami"!
by Dave March 31, 2004
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