MIG is an acronym for a girls day. It stands for Movies, Ice Cream, Gossip.
Emma: You want to hang out tomorrow?
Amber: Yeah we can have a MIG day!
by Ambrocious1991 December 15, 2011
Mig is a Peruvian abbreviation of Miguel. He is known as an internet prodigy, with his immense gaming and social skills, he has rapidly earned the respect of higher internet users.
Mig's appearance is currently unknown, but by being stereotypical about his country, we can assume that he looks like a lamb, cross bred with a llama. Mig is an easy-going internet user, who finds it easy to socialize, Mig is also known for occasionally trolling, however, his true skills in that department are unknown. Mig also shows promise in the form of arts and graphics, some of Mig's greatest work include numerous Hayley Williams signatures.
Mig: I'm a lamb.
Lovat: I like cats.
by Justin ⏠⏝⏠ June 02, 2010
It stands for "Mind In the Gutter"
When you hear something even the tinyest bit of perverted you say MIG.
Tyler: "Oh my gawd! That math test was so hard!"
Connor: "M.I.G."
by looselips_sinkships March 11, 2009
a name short for "miguel" and also a really chubby adorable guy who makes ridiculous jokes that always crack a laugh
oh did u see that adorable chubby kid?
yeah he's definitely a migs
by thisasianchick January 19, 2013
n. Someone who deliberately attempts to prevent a guy from seducing a girl. The opposite of a wingman. Similar to a cockblocker, but while a cockblocker may not necessarily be acting deliberately, a MiG always is. The MiG does not necessarily have to be trying to seduce the girl him/herself, but that is possible. Often the MiG is a friend or acquaintance of the guy who is attempting to seduce the girl. The term is derived from the film 'Top Gun', where the enemy planes were MiGs that were attempting to shoot down the protagonists.

v. The act of deliberately attempting to prevent a guy from seducung a girl.
That douche really pissed me off today, so I'm going to MiG him tonight at the bar.

Person 1: Hey, what happened to that hot chick you were talking to?
Person 2: My mate thought it would be funny to tell her I was convicted of domestic violence, so she fucked off.
Person 1: Man, you were totally MiGged!

Person 1: If you're going to try it on with that chick, you'd better be careful - there are enemy MiGs circling!
Person 2: Who?
Person 1: Me! Haha!
Person 2: You're such a dick, you're supposed to be my wingman!
by Sadat Quoraishi February 05, 2011
term used for pills; especially opiates such as Percs, Oxys, or Vikes, but also referring to any prescription pill that is abused. The term is derived from Mgs (milligrams), and can also be written Mg; but its pronounces "mig".
Dude I'm fuckin bored, lets find some Migs!!
by BS the is the maine man February 04, 2010
"Mig" is used when you are not interested or have lost interest in a conversation.. Not to insult, but to laugh over.
Bay: Did you hear about what Joe is getting for his birthday
Bob: hmmm. yeahh.. Mig....
by Sanza.No17 January 14, 2011

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