Nickname for a Miggle.
Migs, you have had your car for 3 years, put your damn license plates on!!
by TheDoubleCâ„¢ July 02, 2008
Miguel Angel (Soccer Player)is a popular term
used in the Saint Louis area.

A term used to address
very popular, intellegent,
and athletic Mexican individuals.

The term originated in Saint Louis
when soccer star Miguel influenced
the Saint Louis latino area with his
charm and athletic abilities.

Now in days since Latinos, especially
Mexicans, are highly proud of the
original Miguel they call their children
with similar characteristics by the
name Miguel.
Father: Son you are so perfect that
you resemble a great Miguel.

Mr. Ford: Hey hows school?
Boy 1: Its going great, I just
wish it was a bit more cool.
Mr. Ford: In what sense?
Boy: In the sense that the
soccer players should be more
Mr. Ford: Thats why instead of
going to CBC you should have
gone to SLUH.
by STLChivito January 02, 2008
Man is gay
Wow, that guy is so ready for the mardi gras!
Wow Miles is so MIG!
MIG 4 Life
by Alacalaba August 06, 2009
Danish For "I"
det er mig / It is me
by DJ Aligator Project December 02, 2003
Acronym standing for "Man In Grey (suit)", sometimes also given as MIGS, although this is usually used for the plural. A MIG is a stereotypical administrator - someone whose main concern is the creation and maintenance of usually pointless and obstructive rules in a large organization. Typically a MIG has little sense of humour and even less concern for the personal happiness or welfare of an organization's staff. They are usually easy to spot in places such as universities as they are the only ones wearing ties...
We're getting a visit from the quality assurance MIGs today.
by growe March 24, 2005
A Mig is someone of limited intelligence who requires special care in order to mix successfully within the confines of a school or college. Usually approachable, though often violent, a Mig can be difficult to befriend.
We were playing table-tennis in the Youth Wing when that Mig came at me with a knife. He's now been sedated.
by Ginger Ted August 11, 2006
Pikey type - male or female
Likely to shop in Poundstretcher and Peacocks, smokes Lambert and Butler and wearer of all thing POD and Kappa
by Antonia Kiedis April 29, 2003

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