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To ejaculate seminal fluid. From the noun "to migg"
Dave: "Jeeze man, did Molly give you a blowy last night at Kev's party?"
Randy: "Oh yeah man, totaly, and just as she finished I migged all over her face"
Dave: "Sweet"
by sexypaul2k May 23, 2009
A homosexual performing oral sex on straight man while he sleeps.
Ahh dude, did you hear ?? John got Migged by some guy last night! Yeah man unlucky...he got really drunk and passed out, next thing he remembers is waking up to this guy on his junk.

Get migged!

Mig me!

I'll mig you!
by Zalazim September 18, 2009
To be slightly annoyed or disappointed, usually with someone or something. A Chicago variant on the word miffed, by way of Boston.
I'm so migged that I can't afford these mugs, tshirts and magnets!
by Yenfai January 16, 2011