a hardcore type of metal, with very fast hardcore type riffs, fucking ownage music.
by pakibeater May 31, 2003
greatest music out there
lamb of god,unearth,bleeding through
by metalcorefan October 06, 2004
Lets clear this up, being a scene kid i know what im on about! Metalcore is is a genre of hardcore and metal but mostly mhardcore. Most metalcore bands have beatdowns and sometimes interludes!

Bands like poison the well are described as melodic hardcore/metalcore. Bands such as atreyu or avenged sevenfold are NOT metalcore NOR hardcore. They are Post-hardcore. Examples of REAL hardcore bands are minor threat and gorilla biscuits.
Examples of Metalcore are.. Converge, Zao, Underoath(old) Norma Jean, The Red Chord.

Killswitch Engage, Lamb Of God, Trivium are NOT metalcore!!!!
by Ross Shepherd August 08, 2005
when you are to metal for one hand and listen to www.myspace.com/onbroadway
broadway is so metalcore
by SaySha May 05, 2005
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