by metalcorefan October 06, 2004
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A Genre Of Metal Music Like Bands Like
Bring Me The Horizon
The Red Chord

The Black Dahlia Murder

Walls Of Jericho
KillSwitch Engage
Bullet For My Valentine
As I Lay Dying
All That Remains
And Many Freaking Awesome More
Dude Go Check Out Some Metalcore bands on the internet man there freaking awesome.
by CoolRandom888 February 26, 2010
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A genre of good music combining metal and hardcore and sometimes the hardcore/punk attitude. In the past months it has become overly popular and was being featured on MTV's "Battle for Ozzfest". Only the watered down and/or shitty metalcore bands have become popular though: NEW Atreyu, Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, Unearth, Bleeding through, Avenged Sevenfold (who are possibly the poorest excuse for metalcore ever), and hatebreed. The genre has become very flooded with bands looking to become the next atreyu/KsE. There are still some great metalcore bands out there: Zao, Glass casket, The Agony Scene, Symphony in Peril, Lamb of God (even though they're popular), Martyr AD (some of the most brutal metalcore out there), Preminitions of War, The Red Chord, Dead to Fall, Haste the Day, Summer's End, etc.
wait for the fad to pass,just like nu-metal shit
by Liberate te ex Inferis February 21, 2005
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One of the best genres of metal there is in my opinion. Originated in the late 80's. Cross between hardcore metal and hardcore punk. A lot better than shitty nu-metal.
Metalcore bands include the OLD avenged sevenfold, OLD atreyu, underoath, lamb of god, killswitch engage, bullet for my valentine, as i lay dying, some black dahlia murder, all that remains, some machine head are some of the more mainstream stuff. a good unknown band is august burns red.
by ipokesmot420 February 17, 2010
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metalcore tends to have somewhat indecipherable lyrics and awesome, though distorted, instrumentals featuring the guitar. Metalcore tends to be nfluenced by various themes including, at times, the strait edge, anti-drug/sex them.
lamb of god, unearth and other groups are considered metalcore.
by chris January 02, 2005
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Lets clear this up, being a scene kid i know what im on about! Metalcore is is a genre of hardcore and metal but mostly mhardcore. Most metalcore bands have beatdowns and sometimes interludes!

Bands like poison the well are described as melodic hardcore/metalcore. Bands such as atreyu or avenged sevenfold are NOT metalcore NOR hardcore. They are Post-hardcore. Examples of REAL hardcore bands are minor threat and gorilla biscuits.
Examples of Metalcore are.. Converge, Zao, Underoath(old) Norma Jean, The Red Chord.

Killswitch Engage, Lamb Of God, Trivium are NOT metalcore!!!!
by Ross Shepherd August 08, 2005
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Metalcore is a blend of metal and hardcore music. Metalcore includes breakdowns and intricatley played riffs and chords. The vocalists usually sing the verses in line and to the beat of the music and the riffs played by the band. It's not that hard to distinguish different genres of metal and hardcore and emo because of the way that the band plays their instruments, stage presence, and their sound in their screams.....being that I personally interested in hardcore and metalcore the most, I believe that I gave an accurate description.
metal-lamb of god
metalcore-a dozen furies, Zao, bleeding through
post-hardcore-as i lay dying
speed metal-aborted
death metal-opeth
goth metal-cradle of filth
by Chris Dougherty February 02, 2006
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